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We are the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, Ontario Chapter (CADA-ON) and we've spent the last 30 years supporting the local dance community with a specialized interest in the status of the independent dance artist. We work to empower and educate our members in self-representation by providing entrepreneurial resources needed for a successful career. 

NEW eligible activity for the Training Subsidy Program - Urban Dance Battle Fees are now covered by the TSP!

Many independent dance artists who live and work in Ontario are benefitting from our services. Access to our 

Training Subsidy Program and our Professional Discounts are just

 a few of the perks. Find out how CADA-ON can help YOU

Viv Moore. We're honoured to feature Viv this month, who has been a member of CADA-ON since the late 1980s! Viv worked on 

the founding structures of our Professional Standards for Dance. Full Profile Here.

The Professional Standards for Dance is a document that outlines suggested minimum fee standards, working conditions and rights 

and responsibilities for work agreements -- written specifically 

for independent dance artists. Read the document online.

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