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International Dance Day - April 29, 2023

29 Apr 2023 7:15 AM | Valerie Calam (Administrator)

Happy International Dance Day!

This year, at CADA/East, we asked some of our board members to respond to the question: 

What did you love about dancing when you were a child, and what do you love about dancing now?

Here is a reflection from Neena Jayarajan:

As a child, I was less critical or concerned about my dancing, pre-full time career, pre-adult life responsibilities, pre-harsh learnings of the industry.  I simply got to dance for fun, to see my parents smile and wave back at me. 

Now, I'm the parent on stage, with a long shopping list of insecurities but also the privilege of giving my kids the opportunity to see their Mama dance.  I don't take that responsibility lightly, and I will strive to always make them proud.  The only critics that matter now are Sayjen (8) and Jayven (3), my two boys.

Here is a reflection from Eleanor van Veen:

As a hyper and active child, I think I have always loved being physical and learning new skills in dance. I often practiced at home or wherever I could take up space. I loved performing, and any opportunity to share my skills brought me pure joy! Today, I remain a goal-oriented dancer that loves being physical, learning new skills, taking up space in my movement, and connecting/sharing with people.

My love for dance is in the practice over the performance. I love improvising, training, sweating, and teaching. I love analyzing, questioning, refining, and naming physical qualities. I love being in spaces that allow me the freedom to be present, aware, and connected to a deeper part of myself and others.

To give myself confidence when performing, I often think about little Eleanor and how proud she would be of her future self.

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre's. Noverre, who is considered to be the creator of modern ballet, with many theories about pedagogy and performance that were considered revolutionary. If you want to read about Noverre's theories you can do so in Letters on Dancing and Ballet.

On this International Dance Day, we hope you will take some time to reflect on your earliest memories of and relationship to dance. What did you love about dance when you were a child, and what do you love about dancing now?

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