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Professional Standards for Dance

Section 9 - Touring

9. Touring

9.1. Overview

Details of the tour (see Glossary), including the Dance Artist’s responsibilities, must be contained in the contract or attached as a rider. It is the responsibility of the Producer or Presenter to use due diligence in attending to the travel safety of the Dance Artist.

9.2. Travel

It is the responsibility of the Producer or Presenter to organize and pay for all travel costs, including transportation from airports or stations to accommodation, and accommodation to venue. Travel begins from the Dance Artist’s departure from home; specify arrangements from home to a common point of departure. The Producer will maintain responsibility for and ownership of all transportation and accommodation tickets and/or reservations. Dance Artists should expect that transportation will generally be by the most economical means. In general, the Dance Artist will not be required to travel before 9:00 a.m. or after 11:00 p.m.

If a Dance Artist agrees to work as a Driver, a separate agreement must be made concerning payment and hours. (CADA/East does not recommend this, and makes no recommendation for such payment as driving is outside the purview of this document.)

9.3. Meals and Accommodation

CADA/East recognizes that accommodation arrangements vary and can include hotel, bed and breakfast facilities or billeting. In any circumstance, dance artists are encouraged to discuss accommodation with the Producer (or Presenter when you are self-producing) and must be assured of an acceptable level of comfort and safety. Dance Artists can expect that hotel accommodation will be on a double occupancy basis.

Per diem or meal expenses must be paid to the dance artist in advance of departure from the point of origin. Per diem or meal expenses should be itemized in the artist’s contract (See 4.8 Fees & Payments). When paid at the point of origin, per diems may be paid by cheque or cash and will be issued two banking days before departure. When paid outside the point of origin, the per diem will be paid in cash in Canadian, U.S. or local funds as appropriate.

9.4. Working Conditions

Working conditions and hours recommended in Section 3 of this document remain in effect for Touring. Should circumstances preclude any of the recommendations in Section 3, the Producer will provide the Dance Artist with two weeks notice.

The Dance Artist should expect adjustments to the usual production or performance schedule while on tour. A travel day is not a day off - a day off is one in which the Dance Artist is not required to provide any services to the Producer. If a run-out (see Glossary) exceeds 12 hours, the Company will adjust the schedule of the next working day wherever possible, or of the next possible working day.

The Producer or Presenter will provide the Dance Artist with two copies of the itinerary one week in advance of departure. The next day’s itinerary, which includes any changes to the schedule, will be distributed to the Dance Artists or posted in an agreed upon location each night.

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