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Member of the month: January 2015

Tyler Gledhill, Dancer 

Why did you join CADA-ON?
I joined CADA-ON because I think it's important to be a part of the dance community in as many ways as possible. Knowing that the organization has our best interests at heart and that we are being looked out for is reassuring. 

Where are you from? 
Originally from Ottawa, ON, I spent my most impressionable years in Toronto. 

What style of dance do you practice? 
Contemporary. I pull out the ballet when I need to.

What's the greatest reward dancing brings? 
There are so many answers to that question! The feeling of connection - connection to other performers on stage: when you fit together and everything just clicks; not only reading each other's expressions, but being hyper aware of each other's energy. A connection to the audience: we as performers feed off of them, they feed off of us; it becomes a chemical reaction that is so exciting. Also, in a high adrenaline piece, the challenge of "survival" and pushing past the tired point is a rush like no other.

If you weren't a dancer, what would you be? 
If I wasn't a dancer, I would be a fire fighter. Having a job that impacts people's lives is important to me. I love how dance makes such an impression, but exploring a completely different way of helping people would be very rewarding as well.

What have you seen lately that you loved? 
Unfortunately I haven't been to a show for a few months, but the last one I saw that I really enjoyed was Uplica: Silhouette of a Doubt (Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie). Both performers are colleagues of mine, and seeing them in that capacity was extremely riveting.

What upcoming projects are you involved in? 
I am in the middle of a tour with Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie's production of Elvis & The Man in Black (Lemieux/Kudelka) and working with James Kudelka and The Art of Time on a world premiere on April 9 at The Harbourfront.

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Photo Credit: Ted Belton 

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