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Member of the month: November 2014

Daniel Gomez, Urban Dance Artist 

Name, where are you from, what style do you practice?
My name is Daniel ‘Loco’ Gomez and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Fun fact, although I was born here, I was born with two birth certificates so I have dual citizenship in Canada and in El Salvador. I practice various styles of street dance including Hiphop, House, Popping, and Locking. Aside from freestyle, I also practice in choreography as well.

What's the greatest reward dancing brings?
Whether I’m in a negative place or positive, dance takes me to place of bliss. It allows me to reflect and embrace what is happening in my life and use it my movement.

Who inspired you to become a dance artist?
When I first started in high school it wasn’t who but what. I saw three movies that really stuck with me and made me want to try to imitate what they were doing. Beat Street, Breakin’ (Poppin’ Taco specifically), and You Got Served. After teaching myself a bit the person who continued to inspire me was my brother.

Where do you do most of your training?
Because I dance various street styles and choreography, there is no set place where I do most of my training. I’m always constantly changing it up. To narrow it down I guess I session at home wherever I can find space or with members of my crews Twisted Ankles or Faction.

What CADA-ON services do you use the most?
CADA-ON is amazing because it offers so much to dancers to help push and grow their career. The service I use most is the Training Subsidy Program. Still being a student, I think it’s amazing that CADA-ON is able to provide me with 60% of my training costs. Makes training a lot cheaper and I’m very grateful for it.

Check out Daniel in performance ----->>>>
*Daniel was also involved in 3tiquet by Gadfly, and will be a part of a few projects and productions in the coming year. 

Connect with Daniel! 
Instagram @Gomeztwisted

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