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Member of the Month: August

Isabel Estrada 

Independent Dance Artist in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop and latin styles. Dance Teacher in creative dance for children, contemporary, modern, jazz, tap and hip hop.

Where are you from? 

I am from Guatemala City, Guatemala (Central America) and it was there where I started my dance training at the age of 10. In 2010, I came to Toronto to pursue a career as a professional dancer and began my training and studies at York University. I recently graduated with a BFA in Dance with Honours and Cum Laude. 

Where is your favourite place to dance?

1. Inside my head. When I am just listening to music, imagining movement that will later come to life

2. On a stage. There is nothing like performing for an audience and experiencing all those mixed emotions and adrenaline in both body and soul

What are you listening to right now? 

"Samba Em Preludio" by Esperanza Spalding. I recently discovered her music and fell completely in love with it. It's beautiful!

Why did you join CADA-ON? 

I joined in order to be involved with the dance community, now that I have graduated from school. I am eager to learn and collaborate with many different artists and I believe that CADA-ON is one of the best organizations in which to do so. They offer many benefits to both emerging and estasblished artists that are useful and necessary in order to "keep the dancing going". 

Upcoming Projects this season: 

Isabel will be performing with "Cuatro Dance" in various choreographic workshops and festivals, and will also be assisting Carol Anderson in the re-creation of her piece "Cloud/Project" performed by members of the York Dance Ensemble of 2014-2015 and directed by Holly Small. 

Isabel will also be travelling back to Guatemala to teach dance workshops in various communities and dance studios, and at the undergraduate dance program of the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City. 

Connect with Isabel! 


Facebook: Isa Estrada

Isabel Estrada 

Body of Minds "Memory Lane" 

Choreography: Victoria Mata  

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