Professional Standards for Dance

Appendix D - CADA-ON Contract Template & Schedule A

This contract is made this __________ day of ______________ , 20____, between

____________________________ (name of Engager), hereafter referred to as “the Engager” and

_____________________________________ (name of Artist), hereafter referred to as “the Artist”.

The provisions of this contract take into account the CADA-ON Professional Standards for Dance and accompanying CADA-ON Recommended Fee Payments documents. As the Professional Standards for Dance document is a guideline of minimum professional standards, it is understood by the Engager and the Dancer that there may be conditions and terms that are specific to the demands of this contract. The Engager undertakes to clearly mark each section where a term or condition is to be negotiated that is different from the stated minimum/or maximum and to clearly specify these changes in an attached schedule or rider. The Dancer will be given a minimum of 24hrs to fully consider this contract and has the right to request clarification from the Engager on any section which causes the Dancer concern or confusion prior to signing. The Dancer has the right to propose changes to the terms or conditions specified by the Engager if the Dancer feels that those terms or conditions are unsafe, unhealthy, or not fairly compensated financially. Any renegotiations of specified terms or conditions in this contract are to be conducted in good faith by both the Engager and the Dancer towards a mutual resolution and specified in writing.

ENGAGEMENT: mark appropriate box(es) and specify terms - please print

❑ Home Season/Performance Engagement   ❑ Commercial   ❑ Educational

❑ Tour   ❑ Creative Research Process

Production/Working Title___________________________________________________________

The Artist is to be engaged as a:

❑ Dance Artist   ❑ Emerging Dance Artist

❑ Choreographer   ❑ Emerging Choreographer

❑ Other (please specify) _______________________________

ENGAGEMENT SCHEDULE: the Engager shall attach a Schedule specifying Dates, Times and Locations for activities required by this contract

Rehearsal(s): Date(s)_________________________ Hours__________________________



Class/Warm-up: Date(s)_______________________ Hours__________________________


PRELIMINARY PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: any change to this schedule must be confirmed in writing no later than 1 month in advance of the actual performance dates and submitted to the Dancer in writing

Date(s)____________________________________________ Hours_________________________



❑ Performance   ❑ Rehearsal Date(s)____________________ Hours________________________

Purpose: ❑ Broadcast/Distribution   ❑ Archival/Promotional   ❑ Production Component


Performance(s) $_________ Flat Fee $_________ Weekly $_________ Hourly $ __________

Rehearsal(s) $_____________ Flat Fee $_________ Weekly $_________ Hourly $ __________

Tour Per Diem $_________________


Amount(s) ___________________________________ Date(s) __________________________


____________(a) Dancer's Fee (Performances + Rehearsals) 

+ __________(b) Charges on (a) above (if applicable) 

❑ GST 5% _________ ❑ Vacation Pay (4%) ________

= ____________ Sub Total

+ ____________ (c) Tour per diem

+ ____________ (d) Additional costs

+ ____________ (e) Charges on (c) & (d) above (if applicable) ❑ GST (5%)

= ____________ AMOUNT PAYABLE

BENEFITS AND DEDUCTIONS: in connection with the Engagement, the Engager agrees to fulfill employer obligations pertaining to contributions to and/or deductions for the following:

❑ Income Tax   ❑ Employment Insurance   ❑ Canada Pension Plan   ❑ Workers' Compensation

If the Dancer will be filing under their own Workers’ Compensation plan, their plan number must be included

here: _____________________

OTHER CONDITIONS (ie. royalties, additional services, sick leave, notice of termination, program, credits, etc.):


Attach a separate rider.

WHEREAS the Engager desires to engage the Artist for her/his services and the Artist agrees to render to the Engager services as an Artist, under the following terms and conditions and the parties agree that:

1. The “CADA-ON Professional Standards for Dance” attached hereto as “the Schedule” are hereby incorporated by reference, and together with the terms of the agreement as noted above constitute the entire agreement of the parties.

2. The Schedule has been completed and filed with this Agreement and the Parties hereby agree that any change to the Schedule, will be sent in writing to the Artist no later than _____________ (specify time) before the first rehearsal and/or performance date.

AGREED to the ______ day of ___________, 20_______.

ENGAGER (individual or company) 

Name ________________________________ 

Address ______________________________ 

City _________Prov. ________Code _______ 

Phone ______________ Fax ______________ 

Email _________________________________

Signature _____________________________ 

Position or Title ________________________ 


The Engager agrees to cover the following expenses without charge to the Dancer:

❑ Class ❑ Footwear ❑ Costume

❑ Transportation ❑ Accommodation

City _________Prov. ______Code_______
Phone ______________ Fax ___________


GST No. (if applicable)_________________________

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