Professional Standards for Dance

Appendix B - Resources


copyright links page with 6 Canadian and 6 international organizational links

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Creative Commons Canada

Playwrights Guild of Canada
Collective Creation or Group Devised Work: Strategies and Sample Agreements designed to Safeguard the Rights of Co-Creators

(Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada)

Theatre Ontario

Dance Service Organizations (DSOs) & Related

Provincial Arts Service Organization (PASO)

(see CDA website for other provinces – search Service and Support Standing Council)

National Arts Service Organizations

Employment Standards
The Art of Managing Your Career, Chapter 5: You and the Law

Downtown Legal Services

Landlord Tenent Tribunal

Parkdale Legal Services

Pro Bono Law Ontario

Presenting and Working With Presenters 

CanDance Network Publications
- Artist Negotiation Tool
- Presenter Negotiation Tool
- Sample Budget Template
- Sample Engagement Contract
- Study on standards for Professional Presentation Fees Paid to Dance Companies in Canada Report

On the Road: an on-line learning tool for presenters and touring artists in dance, music, theatre, young audience and spoken word.

The above document includes numerous downloadable documents including the Presenter/Artist Expectation Chart, Sample Letter of Intent, Sample Contract, Negotiation Checklist and much more – CADA-ON recommends that you review both the Touring Handbook and the Presenter Handbook

Dance Ontario Audience Database – available to members, contact Dance Ontario

Artists From Abroad, Complete Guide to Immigration & Tax Requirements (United States)

Travel & Health Abroad

OHIP re absences

Government of Canada Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)
Dance Umbrella of Ontario (DUO)

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