Professional Standards for Dance

Section 7 - Health

7. Health

CADA-ON urges its members to keep their OHIP coverage up-to-date, have a family doctor and to buy extended health coverage under the Arts Workers Health Insurance Program (AWHIP) or other. AWHIP is available to you through your CADA-ON membership and is also available through membership in other Arts Service Organizations (ASOs). CADA-ON members: please note that the Accident Insurance Policy is no longer offered as part of CADA-ON membership and we encourage you to include short-term disability insurance in the AWHIP coverage you choose. You must purchase your AWHIP or other coverage separately to your membership.

We also encourage members to join the Artists Health Centre Foundation (AHCF) and/or other associations specialized in dance medicine (see Resources). Toronto members may wish to avail themselves of AHCF services including the nurse practitioner and/or the Joysanne Sidimus Subsidy Fund. If you do not have a family doctor, the nurse practitioner can refer you for services she cannot provide herself.

Further, we recommend that when you are working in remote locations, that you include in your contract, provisions regarding the cost of travel to health care practitioners in the event of an injury or illness on the job. If you are injured in rehearsal and the nearest physiotherapist, massage therapist or chiropractor is many kilometres away, who will pay for your travel costs there?

See Working Abroad also if relevant.

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