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We are a professional association for dance artists founded and run by dance artists - a minimum of 60% of our volunteer Board of Directors are practising dance artists. We see our principles, policies and programs in a community-building context, believing that all parties in the dance milieu have a shared interest in building a strong dance community and our specialized interest is in the status of the individual dance artist.

CADA-ON was formed in 1986 in response to impending Status of the Artist Legislation in Canada and incorporated in the Province of Ontario in 1995. We are a grassroots arts service organization that operates without full time staff. We are not a union or regulatory body. We work to empower and educate members towards self-representation. 

CADA-ON first published its best practices guide, Professional Standards for Dance (PSD) in 2003. Version 2 was published in February 2009 followed by Version 3 in 2011. Our programs reflect a holistic dance community in which an artist’s roles may simultaneously encompass contractor, contractee or member of a collective – an alternative to the traditional labour/management model. However, we also have members who are employees. To achieve its goals, CADA-ON collaborates with many other organizations.

2014-2017 Strategic Plan 

Please see the below PDFs for exciting future development plans for the CADA-ON team!

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